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We offer various Chain Fittings for Alloy Steel Gr. 80 Chains.

Master assembly link, Oblong ring with link ringsMaster Ring, Oblong ring OBLONG RINGS & MASTER LINK ASSEMBLY

The oblong Mater Ring Assembly is used as top end of a Chain Sling Assembly, This is normally put into Eye Hook of Lifting crane, and at bottom the chain is joined with help of either Omega Link of Connecting Link, for more details & Sizes Click here

alloy steel Omega links for connecting chains with Master Oblong rings OMEGA LINKS

The Omega Links are used to join the Master Rings to Chain with help of a lock pin. These Omega links move freely into the oblong rings to position the chains with ease, for more details & Sizes Click here

Connecting link, Hammer lock, to join chains with accessories CONNECTING LINKS

Connecting links are used to connect Chains with Oblongs and other fittings such as Plate Clamps, Eye Bolts, Eye Hooks etc. These are two pieces fitted and locked with help of a Lock pin
, for more details & Sizes Click here
Chain shorteners to safely shorten the length of chain assembly CHAIN SHORTENER

The Chain Shortener is used to Shorten the chain without tying knots in chain (WHICH IS HIGHLY DANGEROUS), this shortens the length of Chain sling as per requirements without any compromise  on Safety, for more details & Sizes Click here

clevis eye hooks for easy chain sling assembly CLEVIS EYE HOOKS

The Clevis Eye hook is used to couple chain directly into the Eye Hook without any Connecting link, for more details & Sizes Click here


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