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These slings are made from High Tenacity Polyester Webbing and are available up to 25 Tons Lifting Capacity, Click here for more... 
Round slings are made by Continuously wound Polyester Yarn Hanks in a protective cover. These slings are available up to 200 Tons Lifting Capacity. Click here for more...
Wear Protection SleeveWear Protection Sleeve
The number one cause of synthetic sling failure is cutting. When slings are cut, property damage and personal injury or death can result. Wear pads can help to reduce this problem Click here for more... 
Ratchet Lashings - Tie Downs for safer transportationRatchet Lashings
Ratchet lashings are used as Tie downs during Transportation of goods, These ensure that the Equipment or Material being transported is secure while on move. Click here for more...
Pro-LIFT Chain Pulley Blocks, Lightweight with Alloy Steel ChainChain Pulley Block
We offer Pro-LIFT Chain Pulley Blocks which are made with High Quality Alloy Steel Gr. 80 Chain, These are light Weight and offer long trouble free life, We also offer travelling trolley for Chain Blocks, Click here for more...
Alloy Steel Grade 80 Chain
Gr. 80 chain is the most popular chain in use today, this lighter than conventional chains, and with Gr. 80 fittings, you can rest assured about trouble free lifting operations. Click here for more...
Hand Lever Hoist
Pro-Lift   Hand Lever Hoists have special features. Such as light weight robust construction; super strength alloy load chain; minimum effort to raise maximum load.


Alloy Steel Chain slings
Chain Sling is produced according to the standard. According to the number of the legs,chain slings include:one leg chain sling,two legs chain sling and multi legs chain sling.


Gr. 80 Chain Fittings
Gr. 80 Chain Fitting and accessories are compatible with Gr. 80 Chains, and can be used in many ways. Since there is no welded joints, there is no risk of failure at joints. Click here for more...
Steel Wire rope slings
We offer wide range of Wire rope slings for conventional lifting, Click here for more...
Plate Lifting Clamps - Verical & HorizontalPlate lifting Clamps
We offer Plate Lifting Clamps to handle Metal Plates with ease. These are able to lift ant kind metal sections and transfer them , Click here for more...
Drum Lifting Clamps for easy Handling of DrumsDrum Lifting Clamps
These are suitable for Standard drums, and these offer ease of movement of loaded drums on the shop floor. Click here for more...
Lifting Points
We offer Alloy steel Swivel Lifting Points, for Safer lifting of Dies, Moulds in Industries, Where in Normal Eye Bolts are being used for lifting purpose. Click here for more...
Lifting & Rigging Hardware - Shackles, Eye Hooks, Eye Bolts, Turn Buckles,Wire rope grips Lifting & Rigging Accessories
These lifting and rigging hardware items are normally used fro lifting applications with Polyester, Wire rope & Chain Slings, Click here for more...
Permanent Magnet Lifter
  Ideal tools for easy, quick and thus economical transport of heavy objects made of ferro-magnetic material. The load is not affected mechanically which allows lifting of flat as well as round material. Click here for more...
 Electric Wire Rope Hoists
is adapted to overhead rails in conjunction with the single-girder crane, and also it can be fixed on the shelf straight after refitting. They have lots of advantages such as lighter weight, small bulk, and convenient operation. Click here for more...
Lifting Beams
   SPREADER LIFTING BEAMS are for easy handling of Bigger loads which are hard to lift, Beams reduce the need Headroom for slings considerably. The beams also help lift the loads with balance. Click here for more...




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